FLV Flash Fullscreen Player

FLV Flash Fullscreen Player

The FLV Flash Fullscreen Player can be used stand-alone, you don’t need Flash. It allows you to show flash video files (.flv).

FLV Flash Fullscreen Player


Some features are:

  • Play flv files
  • Preview picture of the video (jpeg file)
  • Fullscreen Mode
  • different skins (flv playback component skins are also possible)
  • Subtitle support
  • scales the video to its native size
  • support for Flash Media Server


You don’t need anything special (no flash authoring tool is required). It’s very simple: FLV Flash Fullscreen Player uses parameters attached to the URL (e.g. flashvideo-player.html?flashvideo=demo.flv). Just upload the player files to your web server and create a link to the player that contains the parameters.

Users need flash player 8 or 9 to watch the videos.

There’s also another version of the player, specially designed for flash player 9. It was made with Flash CS3.


Demonstration of the “flash player 9” version, I mentioned above:

Download FLV Player

For downloading the FLV Player, please visit the German Web site:
FLV Flash Fullscreen Player
FLV Flash Fullscreen Player for Flash Player 9


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